Police Brutality

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Police officers and law enforcement officials have a responsibility to protect society and enforce the law. The public relies on police officers and places their trust in them to act appropriately. While most officers uphold that trust, in very rare instances, an officer may use too much force or make a bad decision. These instances can have tragic consequences. Police misconduct and brutality can be much more than physical violence.

Other examples include:
• Racial profiling
• Unnecessary and degrading strip searches
• Blackmail, coercion, or other uses of police power to force you into doing something you don’t want to do

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm of the Mid-South pursue lawsuits against police misconduct throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Contact our police brutality lawyers in Memphis, TN today.

Police Misconduct

Despite advances in civil rights, police brutality and police misconduct continue to be problems in the United States. When a police officer abuses their authority and violates the civil rights of a citizen, it has the potential to result in severe physical injury and causes emotional distress. Situations of police brutality also damages the public’s trust in police officers.

Police brutality lawsuits seek to obtain financial compensation for the victim. In addition, they also act as an important reminder to our police that they must follow the appropriate standards for use of force. Police departments need to be aware that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Police Brutality Lawyers

While the media often covers high profile cases, many cases of improper conduct are left open. Unfortunately, obtaining the evidence necessary to effectively pursue a police brutality lawsuit can be difficult.

Our firm has the resources to investigate these cases. We also provide free consultations to help determine if financial compensation may be available for serious personal injury or wrongful death from police brutality.

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If you or someone you love has been a victim of police brutality, police misconduct, or excessive force in Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi, you deserve an aggressive civil rights attorney with the experience necessary to win your case. Call our office at 901-523-1222 for a free consultation.
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