The Cochran Firm Mid-South Continues to Fight for Justice for our Clients

February 23, 2022

The years-long lawsuit over burials at Galilee Memorial Gardens may be coming to an end soon.

In March 2020, LaTaria Smith couldn’t find her mom and daughter’s graves. Smith is one of hundreds of plaintiffs who filed suit over how graves and burials were mishandled at Galilee over the years. They claimed graves were left unmarked, and bodies stacked one on the other.

The Cochran Firm Mid-South's Managing Partner, Howard Manis, is one of the attorneys handling a majority of the claims being made. He says the pandemic changed some things.

“We spent a lot more time on the phone than we probably would have, because that was the only way—that and our email—to communicate with our clients as to what was going on,” Manis said. “The court being down may have slowed it a little bit as well, because there was not as much frequency in front of the judge.”

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