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5 Common Slip and Fall Accidents and What To Do

A slip and fall accident can occur in any type of environment. Although not every slip and fall accident is the fault of another party’s negligence, you may be eligible to recover compensation if it was. However, you must prove that you would not have sustained a serious injury if not for the negligent actions of the other party.

How to Prevent a Slip and Fall

The good news about slip and fall accidents is that many of them are preventable. One of the most important things you can do is wear properly fitting shoes and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Since shoelaces can come undone easily and cause a tripping hazard, you might want to consider investing in slip-on shoes without any laces.

If you already have mobility issues, using a cane or walker can help to keep you steady. Even if you normally get around fine, use extra caution when walking on an uneven surface like rocks or certain types of floors. You also want to be extra cautious on slippery surfaces by walking slowly and grabbing something to hold onto if possible. Always avoid using a smartphone while you walk unless you are talking on the phone and can look out to see where you are going.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Workplace falls are a common occurrence in Cleveland, Ohio, and across the country. Injuries sustained in a fall at work are the top reason people file workers’ compensation claims and the leading cause of on-the-job injury in people over age 55. We outline some other common causes of slip and fall accidents below.

Environmental Conditions

Certain factors in an environment can make a slip and fall accident more likely. Some common scenarios include:

  • Cords running across the floor
  • Debris or trash on the floor
  • Glare from bright lighting that makes it difficult for people to scan their environment
  • Open cabinet or desk drawers
  • Transitioning between flooring types, such as carpet to wood


Walking in high heels is challenging and can increase the chances of twisting an ankle or sustaining more serious injuries in a fall. Even work boots can present a tripping hazard when they do not fit properly or have laces that frequently come undone. When it comes to preventing accidents, choosing shoes with good traction is your best bet. Remember that employers must provide safe footwear in manufacturing environments.

A ladder can be the cause of a slip and fall accident while on the job in Cleveland.

Stairs and Ladders

The simple act of walking up or downstairs or using a ladder can lead to injury in these types of situations:

  • No handrail on a flight of stairs or failing to use the handrail
  • Not securing a ladder or having someone hold it in place
  • Standing on a piece of furniture to elevate the height rather than using a ladder
  • Walking up or down the stairs too quickly or skipping steps because you are in a hurry

Surface Conditions

The condition of flooring or outdoor surfaces causes thousands of people to fall and sustain significant injuries each year. Here are some of the most typical causes of surface condition falls:

  • Loose floorboards, mats, or rugs, which are especially common on stairways
  • Parking lot potholes
  • Slipping on ice that no one has properly salted
  • Slipping on spilled liquid that no one has cleaned up
  • Uneven indoor or outdoor surfaces with no warning sign posted
  • Wet floors due to recent mopping or waxing with no warning sign posted

Weather Conditions

People who live in climates that receive snow and ice are at a greater risk of slip and fall injuries than people who live in warmer climates. Residential and commercial property owners are responsible for reducing the risk of visitors falling by shoveling snow and applying melting salt to the ice. Rainy environments can also increase the likelihood of falling.

What You Should Do After a Slip and Fall

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20 percent of all falls cause serious injuries such as a concussion or broken bones. Whether you think your injuries are serious or not, we advise you to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you are cognizant after the fall, try to observe your surroundings to see if anything could have contributed to your accident. Some things are obvious, such as slipping on the contents of a broken jar in a grocery store or stumbling over an uneven sidewalk. Since other factors are not as obvious and your memory of the incident will fade, jot down or take pictures of as much as you can after your fall. You may also want to take video shots of the scene.

Once you have visited a doctor and determined what type of injuries you have, you can consider filing a personal injury lawsuit if you feel that another party’s negligent actions caused you to slip or trip. The Cochran Firm Cleveland is available to assist you in determining how the accident happened and whether anyone is liable for it.

When to Get Legal Help for Your Injury Claim

Legally, slip and fall accidents fall under the classification of premises liability when someone else is at fault. We encourage you to contact our law firm immediately after you have received medical attention for your injuries. The Cochran Firm in Cleveland, Ohio, offers free legal consultation to all new clients. This appointment gives us the opportunity to determine if you have a legitimate case and to start planning a legal strategy for your personal injury lawsuit.

When judges and juries hear personal liability cases, they consider whether the property owner put you at unreasonable risk and whether a prudent person would have anticipated and corrected the risk. While you can expect the defendant in the case to argue that you were to blame for your own injuries, we will use all available resources to prove your slip and fall accident happened just as you said it did.

Reach Out to Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Cleveland Today

The Cochran Law Firm handles multiple types of personal injury claims ranging from premises liability to car accidents to medical malpractice. In Ohio, you have two years from the date you sustained serious injuries to initiate a lawsuit against the responsible party. If your slip and fall accident has caused you to miss work, rack up medical expenses, and/or deal with ongoing pain, we urge you to explore your options for financial compensation.

Experiencing a slip and fall in Cleveland can be traumatic, but our law firm is here to help. Please contact us at 1-800-THE-FIRM, complete a contact form, or request to chat with a live specialist. You stand the greatest chance of success with your claim when you choose to work with an experienced lawyer in Cleveland.

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