Trucking accidents are vehicle collisions involving a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, semi-trucks, and other large trucks. Truck accidents tend to cause more injuries, damage, and even death. The scary thing is, every 16 minutes an individual is either injured or is killed in tractor-trailer accidents. If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Cleveland, it is important to hire an attorney with experience in the complicated accident cases. People, companies, lawyers, and insurance companies will be involved in proving fault in a trucking accident. The Cochran Firm can help your case by providing you with the best trucking accident lawyer in Cleveland.

Because truck accidents lead to serious damages, insurance companies are often involved in reaching settlements. However, there are many details that cause truck accidents to be more complicated than regular car accidents.

In order to navigate these complications, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney trained in truck accidents. If you’ve been injured in a truck crash or accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. We have provided the following information about the benefits of working with a truck accident lawyer.

What Should I do After a Truck Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident with a large truck, the first thing you should do is call the police. If you or anyone else involved in the crash needs emergency medical attention, you should also call for an ambulance.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

After the accident, it’s important to take photos of the accident as you will need this to prove your case. This will also help you prove what happened during the accident and the damage you or your property sustained.

Seek Medical Attention

After being in an auto accident of any kind it is so vital to seek medical attention to check for any injuries you may have due to the accident. This will also help your case, make sure that you are sticking to your plan that your medical professional gives you to ensure the defendant doesn’t use it against you.


Write down as much evidence as possible. Take pictures of the crash and the damage done to your car. If possible, write down testimonies from witnesses, and record your personal account of the accident.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

When in a trucking accident and you’ve been hurt or injured the person accountable may want to settle quickly. However, if you accept the first settlement offer it might not be what you deserve. In fact, they may try to give you a much lower amount than what you can get with the help of a Cleveland trucking accident attorney.

What Causes Cleveland Truck Accidents?

Many factors may be behind a semi-truck accident. Weather, mechanical failure and driver errors are among the most common reasons of a truck crash. However, not all of these may create the need for a truck accident case. The main principle of personal injury law that allows a victim to sue a defendant is proof of fault through negligence.

For truck drivers, negligence may occur due to driver fatigue or distracted driving. If this can be proved, then it will be easier to win full compensation for your injuries. However, semi trucks also have larger blind spots than other vehicles. So, you may be more at fault if you were hit while driving in one of the truck driver’s blind spots.

Why You Should Work With a Truck Accident Lawyer

Working with a truck accident lawyer will give you access to constant legal advice and help you manage communication with the other parties involved. In addition, if your claim is not settled, a lawyer can help you prepare and organize a lawsuit.

When you need to sign legal paperwork during the claim process, your lawyer will help you understand the terms and consequences of the paperwork.

Additionally, an attorney can handle communications with the trucking company and their insurance company. Truck accident lawyers know how to ask the important questions while avoiding costly legal mistakes, like accidental admission of guilt.

As you continue to sort through and gather evidence, your attorney will help you write an intent to sue letter to the trucking company. This is an important step for your case that requires legal know-how in order to be done effectively.

When your case comes to a close and it’s time to negotiate a settlement, your lawyer will be invaluable. If you’ve worked with the same lawyer from the beginning, they will know every detail of your case and the amount of damages you need.

Personal injury cases are complicated and demanding. In order to build an effective truck accident claim, you need someone to fight by your side. The truck accident attorneys from The Cochran Firm Cleveland have represented many people through personal injury cases and we want to serve you.

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