How Memphis is Becoming the Top Market for Black Entrepreneurs

February 23, 2022

The Cochran Firm of the Mid-South is proud to see this inspiring story about how Memphis is laying the foundation for other cities across the country. We believe they should support Black entrepreneurs and businesses as Memphis is Becoming the Top Market for Black Entrepreneurs.

The pathway to entrepreneurship in the city is paved with an ecosystem of opportunity, resources, and programs, unlike any other in the nation. It is home to nonprofit organization Epicenter, which is on a mission to raise $100 million to help innovators, Black tech entrepreneurs and professionals thrive in their respective industries.

Through a combination of programs such as The 800 Initiative, The Summer of Acceleration, Propel, and CO.STARTERS, Epicenter is building the ultimate entrepreneurial landscape for Black founders. The city is keeping business owners at the center of the action by providing resources, spaces to build their companies and capital to fuel their growth.

President and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber, Beverly Robertson believes the city is leading the way when it comes to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that reflects the community.

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