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When patients visit a hospital or emergency room, they expect to receive the vital, lifesaving treatment doctors are obligated to perform under the law. Unfortunately, some facilities downplay the extent of a patient’s condition or fail to properly recognize the signs and symptoms of an adverse medical event.

When patients suffer serious harm because hospitals and doctors refuse to take appropriate steps, victims and family members may be able to hold wrongdoers accountable by filing emergency room negligence lawsuits. At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our experienced medical malpractice lawyers aggressively pursue emergency room failure to admit lawsuits to help ensure plaintiffs receive just compensation.

Why do emergency rooms refuse to admit patients?

The law expects doctors to provide patients with a standard of care consistent with what other physicians in a similar position would administer. This may include appropriate medical evaluations to gauge a patient’s condition upon intake at an emergency room or urgent care facility.

However, some physicians may overlook symptoms of a potentially life-threatening condition and allow a patient to languish in a waiting room while the situation becomes more serious. Sadly, these types of scenarios can turn tragic and cause life-altering injuries or even fatality.

What symptoms should doctors look for during an emergency room visit?

Practicing medicine in an emergency room is a complex and sometimes chaotic practice but those factors alone should not absolve doctors from evaluating basic vital signs like heart rate, pulse, and respiration. Oftentimes, nurses and hospital staff inquire whether patients have experienced dizziness, abdominal pain, or chest pain, depending on the symptoms presented.

Although these diagnostics are very basic, they can provide nurses and doctors with much of the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about whether or not a patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. Vital signs and symptoms emergency rooms should evaluate to admit patients include:

  • How much pain is the patient in?
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Pulse
  • Respiratory rate
  • Is the patient dizzy or light-headed?
  • Does the patient have chest or abdominal pain?

Can I sue an emergency room for negligence?

Although emergency room failure to admit lawsuits are very complex medical malpractice cases, patients do have legal rights to sue the hospital if the doctors and staff failed to recognize important symptoms and follow the standard of care to admit the individual. Because hospitals retain their own experienced defense attorneys, victims should strongly consider hiring an attorney with the right credentials.

When first considering an emergency room negligence claim, many plaintiffs have several concerns about their claim. Common medical malpractice lawsuit questions:

  • What is my medical malpractice case worth? - Every case is different and has a different valuation. Factors affecting the value of a claim include the extent of the injury, the amount of medical bills, was the plaintiff working, and what the victim’s prognosis is moving forward
  • How long will my injury lawsuit take? - Failure to admit lawsuits take time to investigate and evaluate. Thorough attorneys will gather medical records, hire experts, and craft a legal strategy to properly prosecute the claim. Furthermore, defense attorneys often employ deny and delay tactics that can cause litigation to drag on
  • How much do personal injury attorneys charge? - At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our medical malpractice attorneys do not charge any upfront fees to litigate a medical malpractice lawsuit and only collect legal fees if they are successful

Washington, DC medical malpractice attorneys serving Baltimore, Maryland

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after an emergency room failed to admit you, contact our office to speak to one of our dedicated Washington, DC medical malpractice attorneys serving Baltimore, Maryland.

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