Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medical Devices

Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Product Liability Lawyers in Washington, DC Serving The District, Maryland, & Virginia

Defective, unsafe, dangerous, and recalled products, medical devices, and drugs put the public at risk for serious injuries. Product liability law can hold manufacturers and sellers responsible for dangerous and defective products.

Many times, the manufacturer of a defective or hazardous product knew the product was dangerous but chose higher profits over safety. Product liability attorneys hold defective product makers and retailers responsible for making such decisions that put the public at risk.

If you were harmed by a defective drug or product:

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Types of Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medical Devices Cases We Handle:

DC's Best Personal Injury Attorneys Committed to Protecting Your Rights

National resources, local DC, Maryland, Virginia focus for victims of dangerous, unsafe, and recalled products

Our Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia attorneys fight powerful corporate and government defendants and know what it takes to win cases. Product liability cases can be highly technical, time-consuming, and costly.

Many smaller personal injury law firms in the D.C. area do not handle these cases. The Cochran Firm DC has the experienced and national resources that can be deployed to fight toe to toe with the largest corporate defendants.

The Cochran Firm DC is committed to protecting the legal rights of injured consumers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, irrespective of their financial capability to pay. Our product liability attorneys take pride in maximizing the amount of money we recover for injured consumers who have been needlessly hurt by unsafe and defective products. Beyond financial recoveries, our seasoned defective product lawyers are dedicated to holding irresponsible manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers accountable and protecting the public from unsafe and hazardous products.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective, unsafe, or dangerous product, contact the product liability attorneys of The Cochran Firm DC for a free consultation at 1-800-THE-FIRM. You deserve the maximum financial compensation provided by the law for injuries you suffered through no fault of your own.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in winning large verdicts and settlements. We will do whatever it takes to ensure negligent and careless companies are held accountable and you are fully compensated for all your damages caused by a defective product.

Why you need an experienced dangerous or defective product liability lawyer in DC, MD, and VA

If an attorney is inexperienced, product liability lawsuits can be extremely challenging to win. Product liability law intersects with a variety of complicated legal theories and practice areas, including negligence, tort law, failure to warn, strict liability, misrepresentation, and breach of warranty. Bringing a defective product claim often requires testimony from engineers, manufacturing design experts, experts in technical areas relevant to the product in question, and medical experts to testify about the victim’s injuries.

The makers, designers, and retailers of unsafe, dangerous, or defective products have the resources to hire aggressive attorneys who are dedicated to protecting their interests. Injured consumers need experienced, skilled lawyers who will hold defendants accountable for dangerous products. Our D.C., Maryland, and Virginia product liability attorneys have a wealth of experience bringing unsafe product lawsuits and have the resources and expertise necessary to bring a successful claim.

What are examples of defective, unsafe, and dangerous product liability lawsuits?

Product liability claims have been filed over a variety of unsafe, defective, and dangerous products that have injured consumers. Types of consumer products that have been the subject of defective product claims include:

  • Unsafe baby and child products, including cribs, highchairs, and car seats
  • Defective car parts and accessories, including seat belts, steering wheels, tires, child seats, and airbags
  • Dangerous workplace equipment
  • Defective medical devices
  • Unsafe bicycles and bicycle helmets
  • Unsafe prescription or over-the-counter drugs and medicine
  • Malfunctioning home appliances
  • Toning shoes, shape-up sneakers
  • Industrial equipment that causes injuries
  • Power tools
  • ATVs and off-road vehicles
  • Space heaters
  • Food, tobacco, and beverages that harm consumers
  • Lawn and yard equipment that causes injuries
  • Pools, hot tubs, and spas

Do not throw away the dangerous product

If you suspect a dangerous or defective product has caused an injury, do not throw the product away. Keep the product, the associated instruction manual, and the retail receipt if available. These items are valuable evidence in a product liability lawsuit.

Is there a time limit on bringing a product liability claim?

Yes. Maryland, D.C., and Virginia have separate statutes of limitation that set a strict deadline for bringing product liability lawsuits. Injured consumers must meet this deadline in order to have a valid claim. An experienced D.C., Maryland, and Virginia product liability lawyer with The Cochran Firm DC can tell you the applicable deadline during your free consultation.
What compensation may an injured consumer recover in a defective product lawsuit?

Damages you may be able to recover in an unsafe, hazardous, or defective product case include compensatory damages for medical bills and lost wages, loss of companionship, punitive damages, and pain and suffering. Compensatory damages may also cover property damage caused by a defective product.

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An experienced product liability attorney with The Cochran Firm DC is available to answer questions or concerns you have regarding an unsafe, dangerous, or hazardous product claim in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Call 1-800-THE-FIRM to schedule a free consultation today.

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