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Mitsubishi 2004-05 Lancer and 2006-07 Raider Takata airbag lawyer

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges owners of the following Nissan vehicles to act immediately to replace defective Takata airbags:

  • Mitsubishi Lancer 2004-2005
  • Mitsubishi Raider 2006-2007

The defective Takata airbags are alleged to deploy improperly or with too much force, causing injuries to vehicle. The airbags may also rupture, spraying metal shards at vehicle occupants. Takata airbags have been linked with at least four deaths and many more serious and catastrophic injuries.

If you drive a Mitsubishi Lancer 2004-2005 or Mitsubishi Raider 2006-2007 and suffered an injury caused by the vehicle’s Takata airbags, please contact The Cochran Firm, D.C. You may be eligible for significant compensation. Our team of experienced product liability attorneys is actively investigating claims arising from defective Takata airbags. The NHTSA recommends that drivers of vehicles with recalled airbags take the vehicles to a dealer promptly to have the car fixed.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2004-2005 airbag recall

Mitsubishi has not stated how many vehicles are impacted by the Takata airbag recall, but has said that 2004-2005 Lancer vehicles are registered in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In you drive a 2004-2005 Lancer, the NHTSA urges you to contact your dealer in order to have the defective Takata airbag components replaced.

Mitsubishi Motors has produced the Lancer, which is a compact car, since 1973. It has been sold under a variety of car model names internationally, including the Colt, Valiant Lancer, Eagle Summit, Hindustan Lancer, Soueast Lioncel, Mirage, Galant Fortis, Lancer Fortis. From 1973 to 2008, more than 6 million Mitsubishi Lancer vehicles have been sold.

Mitsubishi Raider 2006-2007 Takata airbag lawsuit

The Mitsubishi Raider is a pickup truck that Mitsubishi began selling in 2005. The Raider is based on the Dodge Dakota. In 2005, 9,861 Raiders were built and 297 were built in 2006. About 8,200 Raiders were sold in 2007. The NHTSA urges anyone who drives a 2006 or 2007 Mitsubishi Raider to contact their dealer in order to have the defective Takata airbag components fixed.

How do I file a Takata airbag claim if I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer or Mitsubishi Raider?

The attorneys of The Cochran Firm, D.C. are actively investigating claims related to defective Takata airbags. If you were in a car accident involving a Mitsubishi 2004-05 Lancer or 2006-07 Raider and were injured by that vehicle’s airbags, please contact us for a free, prompt case review. Because strict deadlines apply to filing claims, we recommend getting in touch at your earliest convenience.

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