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According to the Center for Disease Control explosions can produce unique patterns of injury that are not something commonly seen unless you are in combat. These unique injuries have the potential to inflict multi-system life-threatening injuries on many persons simultaneously. The injury patterns following such events are a product of the composition and amount of the materials involved, the surrounding environment, delivery method (if a bomb), the distance between the victim and the blast, and any intervening protective barriers or environmental hazards. Explosions do not commonly occur, and a result they can cause a triage of challengers to the providers of emergency care.

Mechanisms and types of Blast Injuries 


Unique to HE, results from the impact of over - pressurization wave with body services. The body parts normally affected by primary blasts are the lungs, GI tract, and middle ear. The types of injuries normally seen with primary blasts are:

  • Blast lung
  • Tympanic Membrane rupture and middle ear damage
  • Abdominal hemorrhage and perforation
  • Globe (eye) rupture
  • Concussion (TBI without physical signs of head injury)


Results from flying debris and bomb fragments. Any body part may be affected by these blasts. The types of injuries normally seen with secondary blasts are:

  • Penetrating ballistic (fragmentation) or blunt injuries
  • Eye penetration (can be occult)


Results from individuals being thrown by the blast wind. Any body part may be affected by this. The types of injuries normally seen from these instances are:

  • Fracture and Traumatic amputation
  • Closed and open brain injury 


This includes all explosion-related injuries, illnesses, or diseases not due to primary, secondary, or tertiary mechanisms. This also includes exacerbation or complications of existing conditions. Any body part can be affected by a quaternary blast injury.The types of injuries normally seen in a quaternary blast are:

The destructive power and force of an explosion is unmatched in a lot of instances. Explosions can destroy your home, car, work site in a matter of seconds. The force and fire from an explosion can cause catastrophic injuries with lasting physical and emotional effects. If you or a loved one experience scarring or internal injuries these can add to the severity of the emotional distress. 

The liability for damage caused by an explosion is determined in part by where it occurred. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to hold adjacent property owners, landlords, product manufactures or utilities companies liable through a premise liability claim. Seeking maximum recovery is essential to cover any medical costs, replacement, or repair expenses in these instances. 

The Cochran Firm can help you recover the damages, medical costs, loss of work, repairs, and lasting effects that are caused by an explosion. Our firm will pursue an accident from all angles to build a strong and successful case for you. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to help you in seeking the compensation you deserve.




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