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Do I Have a Case?

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Tax fraud whistleblower lawsuits for underpayment of taxes

The Internal Revenue Service pays awards to whistleblowers who notify the federal agency of tax law violations that defraud the government. At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our team of whistleblower attorneys provide representation to whistleblowers that is informed through decades of high-profile, high-stakes legal practice. If you are aware of serious tax underpayments, of schemes to defraud the government out of owed revenue, or other tax fraud activities, please contact us today to receive a free case evaluation.

Typical types of tax fraud include overstating deductions, underreporting income, keeping multiple sets of accounting records, false recordkeeping, fraudulent shifting of assets to avoid taxes, concealing assets, and using trusts for an illegal tax-avoiding purpose. The IRS Whistleblower Program has a backlog of more than 2,000 claims and it is critical to present the best case possible in order to increase the chance of receiving compensation as a whistleblower. At The Cochran Firm, D.C., we work with tax specialists, accounting professionals, and other experts in order to draft, compile, and ultimately submit an IRS whistleblower claim that maximize the odds of a successful case. Because strict time limits usually apply to filing an IRS whistleblower claim, we recommend getting in touch with our office at your earliest convenience.

Am I eligible to file an IRS whistleblower lawsuit?

Although these rules may change based upon your individual circumstances, which is why we strongly recommend consulting with us, a whistleblower must generally meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for an award under IRS Whistleblower Program:

  • Must allege conduct involving $2 million or more in tax liability (including penalties and interest)
  • If taxpayer is individual alleged to have committed fraud, the taxpayer’s annual income must exceed $200,000
  • Information provided to the IRS is new and has not been previously reported
  • Whistleblower files claim within three years from when the fraudulent tax return was filed or within six years if the tax return understates income by 25% or more. In cases where the tax return was filed and there was fraudulent intent to commit tax evasion, there is no time limit on filing an IRS whistleblower claim.
  • The IRS acts upon the whistleblower’s information and that action results in a settlement or verdict
  • The whistleblower did not participate in the tax fraud that is reported to the IRS

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