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Keurig recalls 6.6 million MINI Plus K10 coffeemakers

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) is recalling more than 6 million of its MINI Plus Brewing System units with model number K10 coffee brewers in the United States after receiving approximately 200 reports of hot liquids escaping the machine. The K10 model was formerly identified as the B31. The U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CPSC) has received 90 reports of users being burned by the escaping liquid. The CPSC notes the hazard of the machines is liquid overheating, escaping, and then being ejected from the machine.

The CPSC is a government agency charged with protecting consumers from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with consumer products. Consumers who believe they may have a defective Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer should visit the CPSC’s website to check their serial numbers. Keurig is offering to send a free repair kit to owners of the MINI Plus.

The MINI Plus coffee brewers being recalled are marked with the model number “K10” and have a serial number which starts with 31. These markings can be found on the bottom of the machine.

Keurig issues warning to owners of MINI Plus coffee brewers

Keurig advises MINI Plus coffee brewer to keep at least arm’s length away from the machine while brewing. Keurig further warns consumers to not brew more than two consecutive cups of coffee to avoid possible overheating of the machine.

The Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer is manufactured by Keurig Green Mountain Inc. of Waterbury, VT. The units are assembled in China and Malaysia for import to the United States and Canada. These popular single serving coffee makers were sold at Walmart, Target, Kmart and other retailers across the U.S. from December 2009 through December 2014.

The Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer is a single serve hot beverage machine sold in a variety of colors with a metal trim. They were sold for about $100 at major retailers and online. The Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer brews coffee, tea, and other hot beverages in servings of 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.

What to do if I’ve been seriously burned by a Keurig machine?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in the course of using a Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer, the product liability attorneys of the Cochran Firm’s Washington, D.C. office can help. Our attorneys are experienced in personal injury litigation and will fight to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Please call us at 202-682-5800 or fill out a contact form if you have been seriously injured by a Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer. We offer fast, free, and confidential case evaluations. Because strict statutory deadlines apply, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System Serial Number Ranges

  • 31.0000.0000001 through 31.0000.0250560
  • 31.0001.0000001 through 31.0001.0010328
  • 31.0002.0000001 through 31.0002.0081312
  • 31.0003.0000001 through 31.0003.0010328
  • 31.0004.0000001 through 31.0004.0263772
  • 31.0014.0000001 through 31.0014.0001250
  • 31.0015.0000001 through 31.0015.0001250
  • 31.1000.0000001 through 31.1000.0015984
  • 31.1002.0000001 through 31.1002.0002664
  • 31.2000.0000001 through 31.2000.1977238
  • 31.2001.0000001 through 31.2001.0174310
  • 31.2002.0000001 through 31.2002.0745280
  • 31.2003.0000001 through 31.2003.0055668
  • 31.2004.0000001 through 31.2004.1156585
  • 31.2015.0000001 through 31.2015.0081287
  • 31.2017.0000001 through 31.2017.0047310
  • 31.2019.0000001 through 31.2019.0117035
  • 31.2020.0000001 through 31.2020.0019028
  • 31.2021.0000001 through 31.2021.0076016
  • 31.2022.0000001 through 31.2022.0022444
  • 31.2030.0000001 through 31.2030.0032028
  • 31.2031.0000001 through 31.2031.0042714
  • 31.2033.0000001 through 31.2033.0018685
  • 31.2034.0000001 through 31.2034.0016074
  • 31.2035.0000001 through 31.2035.0013366
  • 31.3000.0000340 through 31.3000.1524059
  • 31.3001.0000001 through 31.3001.0021252
  • 31.3002.0000001 through 31.3002.0510030
  • 31.3004.0000001 through 31.3004.0016532

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