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Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) | Lawyers serving acquired brain injury and traumatic brain injury victims and their families in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia

A diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is one of the most severe and widespread traumatic brain injuries. A DAI is a brain injury that occurs at the cellular level and is sometimes called axonal shearing, acquired brain injury, or simply a head injury. DAI injuries can result in very serious neurological damage. Because it can be difficult to detect and diagnose, DAIs are sometimes called a “hidden” injury.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for DAI injuries and the medical treatment is centered around supportive care through techniques such as stabilizing the injury victim. DAIs are rated according to three Grades:

  • Grade I: widespread axonal damage but no problems with spinal cord, nerves, or brain function
  • Grade II: same damage as Grade I but spinal cord, nerves, or brain function problems are present
  • Grade III: all of the damage in Grades I and II, in addition to brainstem damage and frequently there are brain tissue tears

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What are some signs of a diffuse axonal injury?

These injuries are sometimes difficult to diagnose because the injury and neurological problems may be attributed to more visible injuries incurred during the accident. DAIs can also be difficult to detect because they are not readily apparent on CT scans, but can be seen more easily with MRI scans. Some of the signs and symptoms of a DAI may include:

  • Loss of consciousness during the injury
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Inattentiveness and loss of concentration ability
  • Coma or concussion
  • Memory loss
  • Lowered mental status – sometimes less than 24 hours, sometimes much longer
  • Weakness experienced on one side of the body
  • Excessive sweating
  • Visual impairment
  • Small bleeds visible in the corpus callosum/cerebral cortex

What can cause a DAI injury?

These injuries are commonly caused by a twisting and turning of the brain tissue. This movement causes blood cells and axons to tear, which disturbs brain cell communication. The communication disruption can cause significant impairment of the brain’s chemistry and functioning.

An abrupt change in velocity, such as what often happens during a car accident, can cause a DAI. When car passengers are violently thrown sideways and forward, forcing their head to strike the windshield, dashboard, and side windows, the impact can cause serious diffuse axonal injuries. Child abuse, such as shaken baby syndrome, can also cause a diffuse axonal injury. When the brain is violently shaken or impacted, a DAI may occur. In a crash, an injury victim’s brain also often hits the skull and this blood cellular and axonal tearing occurs.

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The Cochran Firm DC attorneys are experienced in successfully bringing injury claims involving diffuse axonal injuries. Our expert legal team understands how to draft court pleadings and build a case so that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation for a DAI. DAIs can be life-changing and require significant lifelong medical care. We work with top brain injury doctors to evaluate and testify on our behalf of our clients. Our seasoned DAI lawyers do everything possible to make sure injury victims and their families receive the quality legal representation they deserve.

DAI victims often face a very long recovery time, during which hospital and medical bills are incurred and wages are lost. Our DAI lawyers have extensive experienced fighting large corporations, insurance companies, and other wrongdoers to compensate accident victims for these damages. With decades of collective legal experience, our experienced injury lawyers are ready to handle your case from its beginning to a successful conclusion.

Contact the DAI lawyers with The Cochran Firm DC today to discuss your legal options with a free consultation and case evaluation.

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