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Representing qui tam claims brought under the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Whistleblower Program

Under its new whistleblower program established by the Dodd-Frank Act, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is required to compensate whistleblowers that voluntarily provide original information to the CFTC about legal violations resulting in enforcement sanctions of more than $1 million. Whistleblowers who report violations of the Commodity Exchange Act to the CFTC may receive an award ranging from 10% to 30% of the ultimate recovery.

At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our experienced attorneys are prepared to provide aggressive, professional legal representation to individuals who are prepared to blow the whistle under the CFTC’s program. Typical fraudulent schemes that would be appropriate to report under the CFTC’s whistleblower program include:

  • Price manipulation
  • Foreign exchange fraud
  • Dissemenating false information into the marketplace
  • Ponzi or pyramid schemes
  • Perpetrating fraud upon the commodities markets
  • Frontrunning or trading ahead on client orders
  • Wash sales

The CFTC whistleblower program has jurisdiction over all companies and individuals subject to federal commodities and securities laws. Covered individuals and companies include publicly-traded companies, broker-dealers, investment firms, rating agencies, investment advisors, and hedge funds.

Will my identity remain confidential under the CFTC whistleblower program?

An individual who blows the whistle on fraudulent conduct under the CFTC whistleblower program will be treated as confidential. The whistleblower’s identity will be protected, except in select limited circumstances. Awhistleblower attorney may also help a CFTC whistleblower file a complaint anonymously. The whistleblower usually will not need to reveal his or her identity unless the whistleblower is eligible for a compensation award.

How may I contact a CFTC whistleblower attorney?

The CFTC whistleblower attorneys with The Cochran Firm, D.C. understand the process of building and bringing successful CFTC whistleblower claims. Our experienced practitioners know the common pitfalls and strategies that will maximize the chances of success. If you believe you have original information that could lead to a successful CFTC claim, please contact The Cochran Firm, D.C. today. All inquiries are confidential, free, and carry no obligation. Because strict time limits apply to filing a claim, we recommend speaking with us as soon as convenient.

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