Assault Charges

Assault and battery are among the most common violent crimes with which defendants are charged. And as with most violent crimes, the possible consequences of a conviction for assault and/or battery are usually significant.

The Cochran Firm's defense attorneys recognize the seriousness of any violent crime charge. Our lawyers believe passionately in the cause of providing the best possible legal representation for our clients. You are entitled to nothing less under the Constitution.

When you're accused of assault and battery, you should seek out a defense attorney with a proven track record of skilled representation. You want a lawyer who will not be intimidated by the state.

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The term “assault” understandably brings to mind images of physical violence. However, the legal definition of assault does not require any actual physical harm to be perpetrated against a victim. Indeed, a defendant can be charged with assault without making any physical contact whatsoever.

Assault is merely the attempted doing of physical harm to another person. While definitions of assault will vary widely by jurisdiction, most of these jurisdictions interpret assault to include the threat of physical violence. Assault requires some act that would put a reasonable person in fear for their safety.


Battery, by contrast, is a charge of actual, harmful physical touching. There is no particular severity of harm required to qualify as battery, though many states and localities have an “aggravated battery” statute to cover particularly severe cases.

The Cochran firm defense attorneys in your jurisdiction will be familiar with the relevant laws and specific definitions.


Because assault and battery are classified as violent crimes, their sentences tend to be rather harsh. While a first-time simple assault charge might not result in a prison sentence, most assault and battery convictions will include jail time.

The specific sentence will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Your past criminal history, if any
  • The laws of your jurisdiction
  • The severity of the incident in question
  • The quality of your legal representation

At The Cochran Firm, our defense attorneys don't make idle promises. No ethical attorney can guarantee you a positive result from a criminal trial. However, we have a lengthy history of effectively representing our clients and standing up for their rights throughout the legal process.

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