Your Dothan, Alabama Auto Truck Accident Attorneys

The majority of Alabamians use their personal vehicles daily, often without considering the frequency of automobile and truck accidents on the highways and byways of the Yellowhammer State. According to statistics published by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), there were over 31,700 traffic collisions in Alabama during 2023. These collisions resulted in over 11,000 injuries, including 560 fatalities.  *

Experienced Representation for Auto and Truck Accident Claims in Dothan, Alabama

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm – Dothan have decades of experience representing clients injured or who have lost loved ones in fatal auto and truck accidents due to the negligence of other drivers. Our attorneys understand the numerous challenges that can arise from an automobile or truck accident. They work diligently to address client concerns and guide the client’s claim to a successful conclusion. Damages can come in multiple forms, including physical injuries with accompanying pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

Contingency Fee Basis

When you retain our firm to assist with a claim arising from an automobile or truck accident, our work is conducted on a contingent basis, which means you do not have to worry about being billed on an hourly basis. Instead of an hourly fee, we retain a percentage of the recovery when the claim is successfully concluded and only when it is successfully concluded.

Types of Injuries from Auto and Truck Accidents in Dothan, Alabama

The nature of injuries that can result from an auto or truck collision are too numerous to list in this setting. However, whatever the nature of your injuries, you can rest assured the attorneys at The Cochran Firm – Dothan have the experience and expertise to manage your claim and direct it to a positive outcome. Below are some of the types of injuries our attorneys see on a regular basis.

Head and Neck Injuries

These injuries range from scrapes, bruises, contusions, and whiplash to more severe injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Whiplash and related neck injuries can, of course, result in damage to the cervical region of one’s spinal column.

Broken Bones

The forces at work during an auto or truck accident can be profound, and when these forces are exerted on your body, bone fractures and related injuries are often a painful and debilitating result.

Soft Tissue Injuries

At times one may be fortunate enough to avoid broken bones or traumatic brain injuries, but there can still be painful injuries to what are commonly referred to as soft tissues. Nerve damage, with accompanying pain and weakness, can result in a need for lengthy medical treatment and pain management.

Internal Bleeding or Organ Damage

Blunt force trauma experienced during an auto or truck collision can seriously damage internal organs to the point where the injuries prove to be life-threatening.

Loss of Limbs or Life

The loss of life resulting from a horrific auto or truck accident is something we are all exposed to far too frequently. Automobile fatality reports from public authorities are a somber reminder at the conclusion of extended holiday periods. Beyond that, severe accidents can result not just in broken bones but in injuries so severe there is a complete loss of the limb.

Secure Fair and Just Compensation in Dothan, Alabama with The Cochran Firm - Dothan

The attorneys with The Cochran Firm – Dothan have the knowledge and experience to secure fair and just compensation for you in the event you are injured, or a loved one is injured or killed, in an auto or truck accident. Our attorneys have represented people just like you for over forty years. When you need help following an automobile or truck accident, please feel free to call our office. At The Cochran Firm – Dothan, we are here when you need us.

National Reach with Local Expertise

Remember, the attorneys at The Cochran Firm – Dothan are part of the larger family of Cochran Firm offices located throughout the United States. For our clients, this means access to the collective knowledge and experience of a vast array of attorneys who have collectively won more than $30 billion on behalf of their clients. This means access to attorneys with particularized subject matter expertise in a broad range of personal injury cases, ranging from commercial vehicle litigation, medical malpractice matters, defective products, and more. Cochran Firm attorneys regularly lecture at continuing legal education seminars so that other attorneys may benefit from their vast experience with complex cases.

Areas We Serve

While the attorneys with The Cochran Firm – Dothan have worked with cases throughout the United States, our primary service area includes Alabama, Northwest Florida, and Southwest Georgia.