What is Environmental Law?

With extensive experience in toxic tort litigation, the lawyers with The Cochran Firm – Dothan have successfully represented clients in significant environmental claims against companies or individuals who have polluted our communities or caused harm to individuals or their property. This pollution or contamination can be the result of production, storage, or the transport of harmful or toxic substances.

Our Experience:

Lawyers with the Dothan office have been recognized as some of the leading trial lawyers in environmental and toxic tort litigation. The Public Justice Foundation selected Joseph D. Lane and Angela Mason as finalists for the prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year Award in 2008. These lawyers were part of the legal team recognized for their work on the class action lawsuit against chemical giant E.I. DuPont.

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Claims of pollution or toxic contamination can be very complex and require large financial and personal resources. As part of the national firm, lawyers with The Cochran Firm – Dothan are part of a specialized litigation section dedicated to environmental claims. As part of this litigation section, our lawyers have access to a network of scientific expertise, legal personnel, and financial resources necessary to take on the most complicated environmental lawsuit.

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If you, your business or your property has suffered from the presence of toxic substances, call the law office of The Cochran Firm – Dothan for a free consultation.

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