Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you or a member of your family has been injured at work and is relying on Workers’ Compensation benefits to make ends meet, now is the perfect time to hire The Cochran Firm South Florida. A Workers’ Compensation Attorney has the experience and knowledge you need to get these crucial checks rolling in. Because the program is notorious for denying or delaying claims, it can be of great benefit to have representation throughout the tedious process. Our dedicated workers compensation lawyers in Miami, Fort Myers, or Ft Lauderdale knows how much you need those benefits, and we know how to go about getting them for you. When you contact us, we will work intensely to prove that you are in fact deserving of Workers’ Compensation funds.

Seeking Benefits from Insurance Companies

Believe it or not, the Workers’ Compensation program fails countless workers each year. Injured workers who apply without guidance or direction can get stuck in red tape, and applications are often rejected for various reasons like failure to prove disability. Workers’ Compensation insurance companies and even trusted employers may take steps to avoid payouts for injury benefits. That is why there is no room for error during the application process. When you ask our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Fort Myers to represent you in your pursuit of Workers’ Compensation benefits, we will help you create a solid application or file a strong appeal, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Bringing Claims Against Third Parties

You may know that employers who have Workers’ Compensation insurance cannot be sued by injured employees. However, if an employer created the unsafe environment intentionally, that may change. In some work accident cases, our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys are also able to seek compensation from any subcontracting companies, defective parts manufacturers, or individuals who may have contributed to the dangerous condition.

Your Benefit Amount

Once a Workers’ Compensation claim is approved, the recipient is entitled to receive a percentage of their income at the time of injury, in addition to all medical expenses related to the injury. Job retraining, travel expenses, and other related costs may be covered as well, depending on the prognosis of your condition. Our exceptional Workers’ Compensation Attorneys  in Ft Lauderdale, Miami, and Ft Myers can help you estimate what your claim is worth and fight to ensure your family receives the full amount. If you are injured and unable to work, you cannot afford to take chances with a weak or partial application.

If you need advice on Workers’ Compensation injury in South Florida, the remarkable team of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at The Cochran Firm South Florida are ready to help. To schedule a free claim evaluation as soon as possible, please call or e-mail our law office today.

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