Workers’ Rights

As a dedicated employee, you have the right to be treated with fairness and respect, and the right to receive benefits in the event of an on-the-job injury. When an employer withholds important benefits that your family desperately needs, it is time to call a Miami Workers’ Compensation lawyer. At The Cochran Firm South Florida, we will discuss your rights as set forth by Florida law, and fill you in on the steps you can take to file a workers compensation claim and seek what is rightfully yours.

Your Rights After an Injury

Workers who are hurt and cannot provide for their families should be able to count on the Workers’ Compensation system. It is designed to protect workers against defaulting mortgages and other losses in the event of injury, but the checks never come for many families. Our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Fort Myers, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami know the laws inside and out. We can let you know where your injury case falls within the system, and educate you on ways to make the system work for you, not against you. Our goal is to make sure your rights to compensation are being fully exercised, and that your voice will be heard.

Injured workers are entitled to receive an amount of benefits based on their income at the time the accident occurred. The type of disability also plays a part in determining how much each employee can collect. In addition to income replacement, supplemental benefits like vocational rehabilitation, disfigurement, occupational hearing loss, death benefits to surviving spouse or dependents, and others may be available. When you contact our workers’ compensation lawyers  for crucial information on your Workers’ Compensation rights, we will evaluate your situation and help you determine just how much your checks should be. Then we will fight hard to get the system to pay your benefits as quickly as possible.

Rights of Maritime Employees

At-sea workers have different laws that govern their safety and security as opposed to workers on land. If you or a loved one was injured while working on Florida waterways, talk to us. Our attorneys can explain maritime accident laws like The Jones Act, the law that gives marine workers the right to seek benefits for injuries sustained as a result of employer negligence. A similar law called the Federal Employment Liability Act upholds the rights of injured railroad workers in the same fashion.

The workers compensation attorneys at The Cochran Firm South Florida have the answers you need. Please call or e-mail our Miami workers compensation lawyers today to learn more about your rights and the best way to go about getting injury benefits.

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