Serious Medical Malpractice from Anesthesia Error

If you or a loved one has faced harmful side effects from incorrectly administrated anesthesia, you may have ground for a medical malpractice claim. These errors stem from a medical professional’s mistake or negligence and often result in lasting harm. They can occur from a doctor, nurse, dentist, anesthesiologist or any other medical staff who administers you or a loved one with this drug.

Being “put under” can be a result of a mix of medical drugs used during surgeries or serious medical procedures. The team at The Cochran Firm New York, can help defend clients facing lasting harm after enduring:

  • General anesthesia that results in loss of consciousness
  • Spinal blocks or epidurals
  • Local, regional or targeted anesthesia on areas of the body
  • Dissociative anesthesia that continues conscious, but in an altered state

Medical Issues As A Result Of Misused Anesthesia

Using too much or too little of any drug used as anesthesia can have serious results. Medical staff may also administer the drugs too early or late for your procedure. They could even give the wrong medicines or not regard your allergies or prescription medications interacting with anesthesia properly. Not providing you with proper procedures before going under anesthesia, not administering oxygen correctly, or using defective medical equipment can all be part of the anesthesia error umbrella.

If you notice changes in your consciousness, heart, organs, nerves, blood pressure, movement or breathing after being under anesthesia, contact your doctor and a lawyer right away. These symptoms — and more severe effects like paralysis, seizures, stroke, comas and wrongful death — can all be results.

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