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The Sacramento office of The Cochran Firm brings together some of California's most talented lawyers in civil litigation and criminal defense and put the firm's nationwide resources at their disposal. Our lawyers pursue cases against even the most powerful opponents, whether they are government entities, multinational corporations, or individuals. The Cochran Firm's long record of success is a promise that we will be committed to being successful for you. If you have been injured, and those in power are guilty, complicit, or merely silent, you may feel disempowered. But The Cochran Firm can help.

The Cochran Firm upholds the mission of Johnnie Cochran, striving for victories not merely in court, but in society. Our lawyers are dedicated not merely to resolving cases. We strive to be custodians of the law and fulfill our duty to return voice to the silenced and give justice to the wronged.

Our auto accident attorneys begin by listening to you and consider your case in detail. If we take your case, it is still your case. We put ourselves at your disposal. All our experience, our talent, and our resources are at in your service. We advise you with all our legal expertise, but you make the decisions. Some other law firms are working for their profit. They are afraid they may lose a case and may take a settlement before you are ready, but we are confident in our ability to achieve the outcome you desire, and we will never rest until we have justice or until you tell us to stop.

The Cochran Firm takes these cases and many more:

At the Sacramento office, we have attorneys with special skill and experience in the areas of Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Product Liability, and Labor Discrimination.

Your prospects may seem bleak after your personal injury, but the Cochran Firm is committed to bringing to justice those who have injured you, and we have the resources to pursue them, no matter who they may be. Please schedule a free Sacramento case review today.

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The Cochran Firm handles Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense claims for clients throughout the United States of America. The information on this website does not constitute legal advice nor form an attorney-client relationship.Please contact The Cochran Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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