Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr., Managing Partner, Cochran Firm Atlanta


Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr., Managing Partner, Cochran Firm Atlanta

  • President of Cochran Firm Executive Committee
  • National Partner

My roles are about service, as we’re extending Mr. Cochran’s legacy to more than 20 regional offices.

Management Philosophy:

  • Managing from the center; back to the top
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Excellence in all areas

Objective:  continue the legacy of Mr. Cochran, serve the disadvantaged, disenfranchised and provide service to the folks who have not been able to beget the best legal service, without a lot of cost involved.

Personal relationship with Mr. Cochran – we have connections with our family history.  Mr. Cochran’s wife’s uncle was my teacher in high school.  We met and Mr. Cochran asked me to become a partner in 2000.

The present success of the firm, some 10 years after the founder’s passing is attributed to our commitment, prior to his death.  We’re committed to the same objectives that we had when Mr. Cochran was alive.  In the wake of Mr. Cochran’s death, he sat down with us and planned a strategy for how the firm should thrive, should he pass.

What would Mr. Cochran say today, about the Firm; I suspect he would be proud, we’ve kept the mandate, we kept it thriving and we’re still doing the same thing, by protecting those same people that Johnnie cared about, while he was alive.

Recent verdict:  $20.5 mil (Atlanta Office, one of the most successful offices) – Dekalb County – Helping to rebuild the lives of folk, focus on helping clients/people focus on rebuilding their lives and the money is the after effect.

Looking Ahead:  Recruit the best lawyers we can find, as we’re expanding, growing into the community.  Recruiting young lawyers who are willing to adapt and adopt that same philosophy. 

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