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You place your trust in medical professionals to uphold their duty in helping you when you are in need of medical assistance. Your health is important and should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, healthcare providers can be reckless and fail to uphold their duties. If you have been injured and are dealing with medical providers and their insurance companies, you need help from the medical malpractice lawyers of The Cochran Firm Atlanta. In such cases, our medical malpractice attorneys may file a lawsuit based on the negligent conduct of hospitals, clinics, doctors, physicians, nurses, therapists, dentists and other medical professionals.

At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, we fight for those who have misplaced their trust in medical providers and are injured as a result. In holding medical professionals and their insurers accountable, our experienced medical malpractice attorneys assist victims of medical malpractice by getting them the justice that they deserve.

Do I have a medical malpractice case?

No one is 100 percent perfect and errors do happen from everyone, including the doctors. So, how do you know if a mistake/negligence by a doctor is medical malpractice? Many people are unaware that they have a possible medical malpractice case. If you have been hurt due to a medical professional’s mistake, it is crucial to seek legal advice of an expert medical malpractice attorney. By contacting The Cochran Firm Atlanta, we can provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case and let you know if you have been injured due to medical malpractice.

What are the challenges I face in getting the solution that I desire?

Medical malpractice is professional negligence, either by an action or the failure to take action by a caregiver (hospital, doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc.)in a way that differs from the acceptable standards within state law, federal law, and the laws of the medical community.

Unfortunately, the burden of proof will lie on the shoulders of the victim of the medical malpractice. This is not an easy task, as two doctors can treat the same injury or illness differently even if they have similar backgrounds, training, and expertise.

If you are able to prove that a healthcare professional’s actions resulted in harm to the patient, you will then need to show the extent of the damages (physical, psychological, financial, etc.) that incurred as a result of the medical malpractice. This should include hospital bills, doctor bills, lost wages, or other compensations.

What solution does The Cochran Firm Atlanta offer to medical malpractice victims?

Sadly, a large number of medical malpractice cases go unclaimed due to the lack of proof or fear on the part of the injured party. In some wrongful death cases, the malpractice may never be detected due to the assumption that the patient passed away as a result of the patient’s disease or injuries. Or, it may happen that the victim gets lured into taking a quick settlement, but it is better to step back for a moment and think.

Health care is expensive even when it is correctly executed. As a victim of medical malpractice, your recovery could be even more expensive which could seriously disrupt your finances. In this case, it is crucial to file a medical malpractice case. The Cochran Firm Atlanta is the choice for many people looking for a medical malpractice law firm in Atlanta, Georgia with extensive experience representing those injured by a doctor, nurse, dentist, or other healthcare professional.

What is the first step towards resolving my queries regarding medical malpractice litigations?

Trust in our medical malpractice attorneys and staff. Let our experienced legal team fight for you and your loved ones. Call The Cochran Firm Atlanta today at (404) 222-9922 for a free consultation. Our medical malpractice attorneys can help you receive a fair compensation for your losses.

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