Civil Rights and Police Abuse Attorneys

The Cochran Firm has built and maintained its reputation as a leading Civil Rights law firm by successfully representing hundreds of people who were injured and/or killed by police. Obtaining verdicts and settlements worth hundreds of Millions of dollars for the Victims of Police Misconduct, our founder, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. and his partners  have successfully represented people all over the Country.  Whether in New York, Abner Louima, (9 Million dollars), Andre Smith, (6.4 Million dollars), Ohio, Tarika Wilson (2.5 Million dollars), Atlanta, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Harvey Hill (Confidential Settlement), or elsewhere across the Country, The Cochran firm has fought for and obtained justice on behalf of police shooting victims, beating victims, false arrest victims and those who have been wrongfully convicted.   Helping victims like Geronimo Pratt, the wrongfully convicted Black Panther party leader who was freed by Johnnie’s work in 1997 after having served 27 years in prison, the Cochran Firm has maintained its leading role in the  Civil rights arena for more than 50 years.  If you have been mistreated or wronged, please call The Cochran Firm. We will fight for you!

What are Civil Rights?

Civil Rights are protections that are created by law to shield individuals from discrimination, excessive force, unlawful arrest, suppression of speech and the violations of other freedoms. They are meant to ensure that individuals receive equal treatment under the law and that they be protected from illegal government actions. Civil Rights apply to a wide range of issues including police misconduct, employment discrimination, fair housing, voting rights and many other topics.

Civil rights provide protections for not only our African-American brothers and sisters, but for every person no matter their race, creed, nationality or religion who has been victimized by police misconduct, wrongfully convicted, unfairly treated at work or in any other arena where there has been a violation of a persons rights.  If you feel you have ever been discriminated against on the basis of your unique identity at work, sexually harassed or faced a hostile environment based on race, gender, religion, age or other characteristic, give us a call.

The Cochran Firm is here to obtain justice for you and/or your loved ones.

Civil Rights and Police Encounters

Police brutality has been exposed now more than ever thanks to cameras that have been used to capture police/civilian encounters.

Police have an incredibly difficult job and many, if not most, act in a lawful manner. However, there are also some who abuse their power. When interacting with police, try to  survive the encounter by following these steps:

  • Be respectful – do not use hostile or antagonizing language even if you believe you are justified in doing so
  • Calmly document – record your interaction with police and let them know that this will be turned over to your attorney
  • Remain silent if required – if you feel you are being unfairly questioned or led to incrimination, calmly inform the officer you will be happy to answer questions with an attorney present
  • Call Cochran – After any incident call us for free and we will help: 1-800-The-Firm

Cochran Attorneys and Civil Rights

Our attorneys continue the legacy our founder, Johnnie Cochran, left behind by fighting for the victims of police misconduct and discrimination.

We have been fighting in the Civil Rights arena for more than 50 years.

The Cochran Firm’s work has led to:

  • Policy reforms
  • Release of the wrongfully imprisoned
  • Changing of state flags
  • Justice for the families of loved ones lost to hate crimes
  • The recovery of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for our Clients

Our attorneys are in the courtroom every day fighting for the rights of individuals like you. To see the latest from our attorneys in their pursuit for equal justice see our results.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our civil rights attorneys, please contact us today. We maintain offices throughout the United States, better enabling us to fight tirelessly for the civil rights of our minority Americans in all areas of the country.