The Cochran Firm Atlanta Announces New of Counsel Attorney & Practice Area

The Cochran Firm Atlanta expands practice into Georgia Workers’ Compensation; André C. Ramsay joins firm.
André C. Ramsay

Atlanta, GA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2016 — With the addition of a new Of Counsel Attorney to the team of litigators, The Cochran Firm Atlanta is expanding its practice into Georgia Workers’ Compensation claims.

Andre’ Ramsay comes to The Cochran Firm well-versed in Workers’ Comp claims. He previously worked as an associate attorney in another high-volume Atlanta law firm. His addition to the staff expands the reach of The Cochran Firm into serious area of need for injured people in Georgia.

“André came to us as a much respected workers’ comp attorney. He has an established track record in pursuing claims and getting excellent results for the people he represents,” said Shean Williams, a partner in the Atlanta firm. “What sets him apart from other attorneys is the way he cares about the people he represents. He treats them like they are members of his family and he won’t quit. When it comes to workers’ compensation attorneys, he is one of the best.”

The Atlanta office was considering an expansion into this area of legal practice when Mr. Ramsay expressed an interest in working with The Cochran Firm. “We couldn’t ask for better timing. The Cochran Firm is dedicated to helping people who are being mistreated by the system. Workers’ comp is one of the systems that try to hold honest people down and prevent them from getting the help they need,” Mr. Williams said. “André’s interest in working with us came at precisely the right moment.”

The workers’ comp website lists Georgia as “This country’s most difficult state.” Mr. Williams and Mr. Ramsay tend to agree with that assessment. “The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta partners are fully confident in André’s capabilities. His caliber and reputation are impeccable. To have achieved as much as he has at every level of his education and legal career, speaks volumes to the drive André possesses. He brings this same tenacity to workers’ comp cases. The Cochran Firm partners are expecting great things from Mr. Ramsay,” Mr. Williams said.

Adding to his list of accomplishments, Mr. Ramsay clerked directly under a former Georgia workers’ compensation administrative law judge. “That experience gave me an understanding of the workers’ comp law system that few other workers’ compensation attorneys in Atlanta can match,” he said. “Workers’ comp is about getting injured employees the support and resources they deserve. I know what it takes to do that,” Mr. Ramsay said.

“The Cochran Firm stands ready to assist any person in Georgia who is not being treated fairly by the workers’ comp system,” both men said.

“We have the ability to fight for you. We fight for the little guy against the big guy, no matter how many resources they have, or experience and reputation,” Mr. Ramsay said. “You call us for workers’ compensation and you get the full force of a dedicated law firm to fight for you. We have the money, time, resources and staff to fight the full fight. Your case isn’t too big or small for us. But more importantly, we’re not too big for you – We Care.”

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About Attorney André C. Ramsay
Workers’ Comp Attorney André C. Ramsay joined The Cochran Firm Atlanta in 2016. He previously worked as an Associate Attorney at a fast-paced Atlanta law firm specializing in the practice area of Workers’ Compensation. Mr. Ramsay aggressively represents many injured workers in acquiring all income and medical benefits available to them to the full extent of the law. He has acquired millions of dollars in settlements for injured workers.

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