The Cochran Firm has announced a $5 Billion Class Action against The Millennia Companies after an investigation revealed an alleged corporate culture of prioritizing profits over the health and safety of their tenants. If you or a loved one live in, or have lived in, a property owned by The Millennia Companies here is what you need to know.

The Investigation

In the early morning hours of October 4, 2022, first responders were called to Shorter Garden Apartments in North Little Rock, Arkansas after an explosion and fire that left three adults dead and multiple others injured and/or without a home. Despite an initial claim by Millennia that there were no reports of gas leaks, The Cochran Firm attorney Terris Harris discovered that tenants not only made several complaints about leaks, but had also reported missing or inoperable smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

"In the weeks prior to October 4, 2022 -- and, more specifically on October 3, 2022, tenants complained to management, including but not limited to Defendant Diedra Ladd that they smelled what they believed to be natural gas," the complaint says. "In fact, on October 3, 2022, Wanda Bell-Freeman complained to management/maintenance about the smell of gas." – Attorney Terris Harris

While investigating Millennia for the North Little Rock lawsuit, Attorney Harris discovered that the unsafe conditions at Shorter Garden Apartments were not an anomaly among Millennia’s portfolio of properties that sprawl across the Eastern half of the United States. In fact, ill-maintained gas infrastructure and fire abatement implements are not the only possible health risks imposed upon tenants in Millennia properties, as reported by tenants from other properties.  Chronic health issues and acute injuries at these properties can arise from improperly managed mold and insect infestations, crumbling infrastructure like stairs and guard rails, and inadequate security.

The picture the investigation paints is one of corporate greed that puts profit over the health, safety and lives of people. Even more troubling is that these properties receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and are contractually obligated to provide acceptable living conditions with regard to health and safety. And because the properties receive this HUD funding, it means that the exploited tenants are among the most vulnerable and marginalized.

The Injuries

Because of the extreme dereliction of duty by Millennia, there are a variety of dangerous conditions that can lead to a number of different chronic and/or acute injuries.

  • Injuries From Undermaintained Infrastructure

Similar to the injuries and death resulting from the undermaintained gas/heating infrastructure at the Shorter Garden Apartments, tenants may also face injury from other undermaintained structures like stairs, elevators, railings, plumbing, lighting, or electrical systems. Tenants have also reported inoperable HVAC systems and inoperable or malfunctioning hot water systems.

  • Injuries From Unsanitary Conditions

Tenants of Millennia have documented numerous unhealthy sanitary conditions such as mold and insect infestations. These conditions can lead to respiratory complications and visible damage like rashes and bug bites. Trash and other debris in common areas foster these infestations and can also lead to slip and fall injuries when the areas are not cleaned in regular intervals.

  • Injuries From Lack of Security

When a property owner does not provide adequate security, injuries can result from dangerous situations involving non-tenants or dangerous tenants alike.

The Outcome

It is becoming increasingly evident that The Millennia Companies have put their tenants in danger by neglecting to abide by their contractual obligation to maintain their properties in a condition that provides for tenant health and safety. It also appears that tenants have routinely and repeatedly voiced their concerns or filed reports with Millennia to address these dangers, which garnered little or no action from the property managers. The victims of the Shorter Garden Apartment fires are filing this class action on behalf of all Millennia tenants to hold them accountable and to increase the quality of living conditions in the future.


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