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55 Broadway, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10006
Phone Number: (212) 553-9215
Fax: (212) 227-8763

The Cochran Firm - New York Attorneys and Staff
The Cochran Firm – New York – Attorneys and Staff

The New York office of The Cochran Firm has partnered with some of the most talented attorneys in civil litigation and criminal defense and given them access to the nationwide resources of The Cochran Firm. Our attorneys will pursue your case against powerful opponents, including government entities, corporations, and individuals.

The Cochran Firm has a long record of success: we have won cases for our clients that have also contributed to positive social change. If you have been hurt, if you have been abused, if you feel disempowered, The Cochran Firm can help. The Cochran Firm pursues the mission of Johnnie Cochran. Our attorneys work not merely to resolve cases. Instead, we act as custodians of the law to restore justice to the wronged and return a voice to the silenced. The Cochran Firm’s attorneys will listen to your case in detail. And when we take your case, you remain in charge. Our talent, our resources, and our experience are at your disposal. The decisions are yours, and can be made with the benefit of our expert counsel. Some other law firms may take a settlement for their profit, but we will never take a settlement unless it’s what you want. We will stand with you against those who hurt you and seek every avenue to justice.

Practice Areas

The Cochran Firm takes these cases and many more:

Aviation Litigation
Maritime Litigation
Medical Negligence
Nursing Home Negligence
Pharmaceutical Litigation
Product Liability
Closed Head Injury
Premises Liability
Auto, Truck and Vehicle Accidents
Bucket Truck Litigation
Personal Injury
Professional Negligence
Wrongful Death
Commercial / Business Litigation
Consumer Law/Mortgage Modification
Consumer Fraud
Wage & Hour / Overtime Disputes
Workers’ Compensation
Employment Discrimination
Immigration Litigation
Civil Rights Litigation
Police Misconduct
Criminal Defense
Social Security Disability Claims
Municipal Liability
Class Action / Mass Torts
Environmental Litigation

In the New York office, we have attorneys with special skill and experience in the areas of Police Misconduct, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Consumer Fraud.

After a serious injury, your prospects may seem bleak, but the Cochran Firm has the resources, the skill, and the commitment to shine the light of justice on those who have injured you. Please schedule a free New York case review today.

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