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One of the most common types of trucking accidents in Atlanta is a truck roll over. This happens when the driver loses control of the vehicle, causing the truck to literally roll over, landing on its side or even it’s roof. This usually results in the truck colliding with, pinning down or even landing on top of other vehicles driving near the truck.

There are two types of rollover accidents - tripped and untripped. A tripped rollover can occur when a truck hits a low, fixed object, such as a curb with enough momentum to flip the truck. An untripped rollover can occur when the driver attempts to make a turn too sharply, with a speed high enough to cause the truck to roll.

Truck rollover accidents typically occur at entrance and exit ramps on major highways and has become a serious highway safety problem.Each year, of all the commercial vehicle occupant fatalities, 50% are caused by truck rollover. The most common factor is negligence or recklessness on the driver’s behalf. Some forms of negligence can include:

  • Fatigue/not paying attention to the road
  • Speeding/taking a turn too fast
  • Driving under the influence
  • Lack of training or necessary qualifications to handle the truck
  • Failure to properly inspect the vehicle’s mechanics before beginning a trip (such as tires)

Another factor that can contribute to this type of trucking accident is improper loading of the cargo. Excess weight can cause tires to burst, trucks that are overloaded go downhill a lot faster and overloading can cause steering complications which creates conditions comparable to driving on icy roads.Weather conditions can also be another contributor, such as snow, ice or even rain. The addition of an overweight/improperly secured cargo and/or driver negligence can only increase the chances of a major accident.

While each of these other factors can contribute to an accident, a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration showed that the drivers of large trucks are ten times more likely to be the cause of accidents than the other factors listed above.

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