How Can You Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Case?


Sometimes criminal investigations begin far in advance of indictment, especially in white collar crime federal cases.  However, in any criminal case, as soon as you believe you are a target for indictment, you should consult Atlanta criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights.

Many people do not have a good understanding of their right to remain silent or their right to an attorney.  These are rights that you actually have to invoke.  Simply remaining silent does not mean that the authorities will stop questioning you.  The Supreme Court ruling in Berghuis v. Thompkins established that a defendant must voice the desire to remain silent.  In this case, after remaining silent for three hours, the suspect finally answered a question.  While his defense attorney argued that his answer was inadmissible evidence based on Fifth Amendment rights, the Supreme Court allowed the evidence because the defendant did not invoke the right to remain silent.  He never said that he did not intend to answer questions and never asked for a lawyer.  You also must ask for an attorney and if you do not, authorities assume you waive your right to counsel.

Having an experienced lawyer at your side from the outset strengthens your chances for dropped charges, case dismissal, reduced charges or acquittal in a criminal case.  It also allows your attorney more time to work on building a strong case.

Cochran Firm Atlanta stands prepared to strongly fight for our clients rights in criminal cases and to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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