How Can Red Light Cameras Help Lawyers in Car Crash Cases?


To win an accident case for a client, car accident lawyers in Atlanta, GA often must prove that the other driver was at fault.  This can be challenging when no witnesses were present.  It is also rare that a police officer happens to be at the scene to observe and corroborate what occurred during an accident.

However, today there may be a silent, automated witness, that records all details precisely, without entering any opinions or subjective views about what occurred.  This is the red light camera.  If your accident involves another car running a red light and crashing into you, chances are that it was caught on camera.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reports that red light cameras are all over Georgia.  In fact, the highest number of ticket citations (27,780) came from the red light camera at Freedom Parkway and Boulevard in Atlanta.  Eight red light cameras in Atlanta led a collection of $2.4 million in ticket revenue.  Georgia has 53 red light cameras in total.

For a lawyer facing he said, she said testimonies, a red light camera can provide convincing evidence to sway the case in the client’s favor.  Knowledgeable attorneys take advantage of computer technology when working to obtain favorable outcomes.  Georgia car accident statistics show that many driver, passenger and pedestrian accidents happen every year and many occur at intersections.  If you are fortunate, a red light camera has captured the details of your accident.

Cochran Firm Atlanta uses the latest technologies when investigating cases and devising case strategies.  If you suffered injury through another driver’s negligence, find out how we can help.

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