Why are Children and the Elderly at Risk for Accidental Deaths?


Children and the elderly are two age groups that frequently rank highest in many different types of accidental deaths.  In many cases, other parties are liable, and you can pursue legal action through an Atlanta accidental death lawyer.

While drug poisoning deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), are highest within the 45 – 54 age range, deaths from ingesting toxic substances are the most prevalent among the elderly and children.  The European Commission conducted a study that revealed some reasons why.

Children, especially between six months and six years old, are very curious and likely to put things in their mouths or drink poisons, not realizing the danger.  Toddlers, in particular around the age of two, lack understanding and yet are mobile enough to get into things.  Through lack of supervision, a hungry child who smells a pleasant fragrance may think the substance is something to eat.  Sometimes, manufacturers fail to include warnings in labels so adults know to put products out of reach.  A lack of childproof caps may also lead to accidental deaths.  Victims can often hold manufacturers liable.

The elderly, those over age 75, frequently develop mental and physical conditions that diminish their capabilities.  Their sense of smell or sight may no longer be sharp or they become confused and mistake a non-food item as something to eat.  An elderly person may read a label and several seconds later forget what he or she read.  Nursing homes and other assistive care facilities must safeguard the elderly against accidental deaths by keeping dangerous products out of reach.

If you lost a loved one through an accidental death, the Cochran Firm Atlanta can evaluate the prospects of pursuing a wrongful death claim.  Find out how we can help.

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