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Christopher “Kip” Hedges recently filed a lawsuit against Atlanta based, Delta Air Lines. The former baggage handler for the airline claims he was fired from his job of 26 years for union organizing and public comments about low pay for Delta’s ground workers. Hedges’ lawsuit states that his run-ins with management date back to 2008 before Delta acquired Northwest in 2008. Hedges claimed that in 2012 he was questioned by Delta management after he made critical comments about Delta’s use of part-time workers in ground jobs. Some time later, Hedges received a “final warning” for violating Delta’s “advocacy policy” for attempting to get workers to sign union authorization cards. His appeals were denied. In 2014, Hedges became involved in a national movement to increase minimum wage to $15 called 15 Now. Hedges was later fired.

Electric car owners are considering a class action lawsuit over new state fees set to begin in July. At that time, electric car owners will have to pay $200 annually as part of a state plan to raise a $1 billion for Georgia’s underfunded network of roads and bridges. Electric car owners view this fee as punitive, treating electric cars as if they were inefficient SUVs. Georgia roads are are maintained through gas taxes, and since electric cars require less gas, Lawmakers believe electric car owners may be getting a free ride.

A Cherokee County woman has filed a class action lawsuit against the county and Cherokee Sheriff Roger Garrison alleging they violated the rights of thousands of individuals by denying them bond. Patricia Annette Davis is the representative plaintiff for the class, which may consist of some 2,600 people who were arrested on a Cherokee County State Court bench warrant and then allegedly were denied bail. The class is seeking $10 million in damages. Court documents show Cherokee County Solicitor General Jessica Moss filed an accusation against Davis in November 2013, for an incident that occurred on Sept. 29, 2013 in which Davis allegedly exhibited reckless conduct after she allegedly pointed a pistol at another woman, a misdemeanor offense. Davis posted a $1,500 bond, which required Davis to “appear in court when required” and waive her rights under state and federal law against search and seizure (Fourth Amendment). State Court Judge Alan Jordan later issued two bench warrants on Davis between March 2014 and February 2015. One was issued March 24, 2014, when Davis failed to appear and another in May 2014 after Davis paid a $150 fee. The judge also, in May 2014, cancelled a bond forfeiture that he had issued in March 2014. According to court documents, the judge issued another bench warrant this past January after Davis failed to appear for jury trial scheduled for Jan. 5-9. “On the face of the warrant were the words, ‘Hold for Judge,” which the class action suits states is illegal and violates Georgia law and the United States Constitution.

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