Jane Lambert (Brain Injury Attorney) Interview by Tiffany Cochran Edwards


What is it like for you to be a female attorney?

I really see myself as a lawyer first and my gender second.  However, there have been many unique challenges to being a female attorney, including being taken seriously as a lead trial attorney, and having defense and co-defense counsel not wanting to include me in pertinent discussions and negotiations.  A general gender bias does exist, so you're always trying to prove yourself and your competency.  With that said, there are also many special things like being constantly underestimated, which is good because they don't see you coming!

How do you feel you blaze your own trail as a female attorney with The Cochran Firm?

I have been given immense responsibilities to lead serious cases.  Being a woman, I hope to stand as an example of what women can do, to stand up and speak out on behalf of other women, and encourage them to speak up for themselves or those they are responsible for.

How do you approach your craft as a woman?  Is it any different than your male colleagues?

There is still an emphasis on credibility, appearance, and societal expectations that women look more feminine.  I'm always complimented on my hair, my colorful suits, and nail polish.  I don't think men go through that.

What do you want little girls aspiring to be an attorney to know about your journey?

If you're passionate about practicing as a trial attorney, don't be discouraged.  There will be people who will tell you you're not good enough or if you're married and have children, you won't have time to spend on your craft.  Do not believe them.  If you have the passion in your heart, you CAN BE A PHENOMENAL trial lawyer and speak for victims, seeking justice while enjoying life as a mother and a wife.

Jane Lamberti has been with The Cochran Firm since 1999 and is a master at medical malpractice.

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