Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA - Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?


If you are a passenger car driver involved in a truck accident that is not your fault, various parties may be liable. One of the important tasks of an Atlanta trucking accident attorney is identifying sources of compensation in a lawsuit.

Your role as an accident victim is to provide your lawyer with all the details you possibly can. Based on your information, a law firm can further investigate to determine who caused the accident and who bears liability. One of the most obvious indications of liability is regulatory violation. Because the potential danger of accidents in the trucking industry is great, the federal government strictly regulates trucking. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extensive regulations regarding:

  • Hours of service
  • Truck maintenance
  • Cargo loads
  • Insurance coverage
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Hazmat compliance
  • Distracted driving
  • Keeping logbooks
  • Trucking company regulations
  • Driver regulations and licensing

Law firms have access to investigators and other experts who can gather information, interview witnesses and even reconstruct accidents using advanced computer technology.  In addition to looking into truck driver and company violations, attorneys investigate whether defective vehicle parts or poorly maintained roads were factors in causing accidents.  In some cases, manufacturers of defective vehicles or government entities responsible for road maintenance may also be liable.  Most of the time, handling a truck accident case comes down to dealing with an insurance company, because generally parties carry insurance.

The Cochran Firm Atlanta can review your truck accident and explain the best approach to obtaining the compensation entitled by law.

If you want to file an Injury & accident claim, contact our Accident Lawyers, who have expertise in Auto Accident, Car Accident, Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Premises Liability,Truck Accident, Police Misconduct and other areas of practice. Call The Cochran Firm Atlanta toll-free at (404) 222-9922, or send us your queries using this inquiry form.

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