Wrongful Death Suits Against Rockbridge Adventures and FedEx


After a Channel 2 special investigation that revealed deadly road guardrails, Georgia's Department of Transportation is preparing to develop an inventory system to locate and replace outdated guardrail ends. In the 1990’s the federal government told states to remove the dangerous breakaway cable terminals (BCT); however, an investigation by Jodie Fleischer found more than 300 still in use. Rather than steering cars away as intended, the BCT covers are slicing through cars and killing drivers. Even the guardrail inventor believes they are deadly. Dr. Dean Sicking is the author of current national guidelines for safety hardware, and sat on the committee which banned further purchase of BCTs in 1994. Now several Georgia families have filed wrongful death lawsuits. In the case of Jacob Spradley's accident on Interstate 20 in Warren County in November 2013, the guardrail cut into his car going through Spradley and his passenger.

Two men have come forward to say they suffered severe injuries at an athletic facility. Jonathan Magwood became a quadriplegic as a result of an injury suffered at Rockbridge Adventures in December, 2014. His family said he jumped on a trampoline and landed on his neck instead of the foam pit. A similar incident happened to Jesse Dukes. The youth football coach was left quadriplegic following an accident at a Rockbridge Adventures in Peachtree City. He said the injury occurred while jumping off a trampoline into a foam pit. Beneath the foam pit was another trampoline then concrete. Dukes said his injuries included a compressed fracture in one of his lower vertebrae. The attorney for the victims believes the athletic facility industry needs regulation where a trampolines. Rep. Ronnie Mabra and Rep. Virgil Fludd are reportedly proposing new legislation.

Christopher Sparkman a 29-year-old security guard has filed a lawsuit against FedEx accusing the company of negligence and gross negligence. Sparkman was shot during a rampage at a FedEx facility. Sparkman was shot by 19-year-old Geddy Kramer at the start of an April 29, 2014, attack at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw near Atlanta. The gunman wounded five other people before killing himself. Sparkman accuses FedEx officials of knowing Kramer was mentally unstable before the shooting but failing to intervene. Sparkman is seeking lost wages, medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering.

When tragedy strikes, it is important to receive immediate medical care and legal advice. African Americans have historically received poorer medical treatment and lower legal settlements, so it is important that victims of trucking accidents have good legal representation. In upholding the mission of our founder, Johnnie Cochran, The Cochran Firm is here when you need us.

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