What to Expect During Your Free Cochran Firm Consultation


At the Cochran firm we pride ourself that we offer free consultations. And we don’t charge you anything to come sit down and talk to us about your cases, about your legal issues. And when you come in to have your free consultation with us, all you need to do is bring your medical records if you’ve been in an injury or accident or harmed. The incident report, the police report, anything you have about your case, bring it in. What we will do, you will sit down and meet with one of our experienced and trained lawyers, go over the issues in your case in your file. And from there we will answer any question you may have about your case and about what to expect in litigation regarding your case.

We set forth with you and we sit down with you, what our plan is regarding how we handle these cases and what our plan is regarding your case specifically. We go through that whole process.

The great thing about the services we offer at The Cochran Firm, it doesn’t cost you anything. We’re what we call a contingency law firm. We do not get any compensation for our legal fees or our services unless we’re able to successfully get you compensation for your harm. And so, at the end of the day, don’t worry about any cost or charges in your case. What you need to first do is come to us and talk to us about your case, tell us what’s going on, so that we can do everything in our power to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

If you want to file an Injury & accident claim, contact our Accident Lawyers, who have expertise in Auto Accident, Car Accident, Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Premises Liability,Truck Accident, Police Misconduct and other areas of practice. Call The Cochran Firm Atlanta toll-free at (404) 222-9922, or send us your queries using this inquiry form.

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