What Are The Rules That Apply To Trucking Companies?


Hello. I’m Shean Williams, partner of the Cochran Firm. You’re watching this video; you’re probably wondering, what are the rules that apply to trucking companies and truck drivers.

The first thing you need to know is they have the same rules of the road that you have. They have to follow the state and local traffic rules and ordinances just like every other driver. But their duty and responsibility is more than yours and the reason that is, is because they are professional drivers. They’re experienced and the law requires them and their drivers to have specific training to make sure that they safely operate these big trucks on the roadway.

The second rule that applies to them is the commercial driver’s license manual. Every truck driver in every state is required to make sure they have the knowledge, understanding and skill level to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. All those rules to do that are set forth in the commercial driver’s manual.

The third thing that the truck drivers and truck companies must do and fall in the rules is they must follow the US DLT Federal Regulations. Every trucking company and every truck driver who operates a commercial vehicle in excess of 2001 pounds must follow the DLT rules and regulation, and these rules specifically talk about qualifications that are necessary to safely operate a truck. It requires the regulations and sets forth the specific rules that apply to the maintenance and upkeep of a truck and lastly, it requires the trucking company to make sure that they have done adequate and extensive background checks on their truck drivers to make sure that they are adequately trained and equipped to know how to safely operate a commercial vehicle. These two rules are required to be followed by any commercial motor vehicle and their truck driver.

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