What are Underride and Wide-Turn Semi-Truck Collisions?


You hear about rollover accidents, head-on collisions, and rear-end collisions with all types of vehicles, involving passenger cars, vans, SUVs (sports utility vehicles), and trucks.  No matter what type of accident you or a loved one experience, if it is serious, protecting your rights is extremely important.  As soon as possible, consult an Atlanta truck accident attorney.

Atlanta has its share of devastating accidents.  However, there are several types of accidents that are characteristic of large trucks and typically occur with semis (also called 18-wheelers and big rigs).  An under-ride accident is one.  An under-ride accident is a crash where a portion of a vehicle slides under another vehicle (definition from TransSafety, Inc.).  In an under-ride accident, the impact with the semi could occur when the semi hits the car head-on, at the side, or through a rear-end collision.  The defining element of this type of accident is that the passenger car slides under the truck.  Car passengers involved in an under-ride accident frequently do not survive, or if they do, they have severe injuries.

A wide turn accident is another collision that occurs with semis.  Large trucks have blind spots, called a no-zone, where they cannot see smaller cars beside them.  Consequently, truck drivers making wide turns may be unaware of cars when they begin their turn.  During the swing outward, trucks can crash into cars and crush them.  Drivers often have no space to get out of the way, or if they do, do not react in time.  Fatal or severe injuries can also result from this type of truck accident.

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