Urban Auto Accident Attorneys

The Cochran Firm has offices located in major cities across the country, including New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles. As such, our accident lawyers have grown quite familiar with the dangers of driving in heavily populated urban areas.

While speeds are often reduced on city streets, urban driving scenarios still present several unique challenges to even the most dedicated driver. You can do everything right and still find yourself the victim of an accident.

Our accident lawyers are committed to helping you if you’ve suffered an accident in an urban area that wasn’t your fault. We believe in pursuing compensation from the driver who hurt you.

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The Dangers of City Driving
All of the things that make cities so attractive to so many people- the density of the population, the concentration of interesting sights, the prevalence of mass transit- also make cities difficult to navigate for drivers. And despite the reduced speeds on city streets, accidents still tend to result in significant personal injuries.

Avoiding Accidents

When driving in urban areas, always be on the lookout for:

  • Pedestrians: Cities are great places to walk and bike, and many pedestrians are a little more aggressive about crossing streets. This aggressiveness, combined with even the slightest lack of attentiveness on the part of the driver, can result in tragic pedestrian injuries.
  • Circling drivers: That city street are often clogged with traffic is not exactly a surprising claim. However, many drivers in downtown areas are trying to find one of the scarce parking spots available. They’ve often circled the block several times, and many of them are paying more attention to their search than to the roads.
  • Distractions: Many of the sights and sounds of a major city, while delightful to pedestrians, serve as distractions for drivers. A driver admiring the skyscrapers of New York City is, by definition, not paying as much attention to the road as he can. Our accident lawyers have long recognized the dangers of distracted driving.
  • Mass transit: Cities often do an excellent job of providing affordable mass transit options to residents. Buses are especially popular. However, you need to be aware that buses behave differently than personal vehicles. They move slower, turn slower and stop often at unconventional locations. Bus accidents are serious wrecks, and you should do your best to avoid them.

This shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying America’s large cities. However, you should always be aware of the dangers you’ll face. And you should also be aware that The Cochran Firm’s accident lawyers stand ready to help if you’ve been victimized.

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