Dangerous Guardrails

Guardrails are designed to prevent vehicles from drifting off of the road. They can also serve to slow vehicles down during a head-on impact. Upon impact, the end terminals of guardrails, also known as railheads, are designed to push the metal railing to the side as the posts that secure the rail slow the vehicle to a stop. When designed correctly, this can save lives. However, even the slightest change to railhead designs can result in serious and even deadly injury.

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Potential Dangers
Guardrails are designed to cushion impact – crumpling in a manner similar to an accordion to bring the vehicle to a stop. When improperly designed, a guardrail may fail to crumple and instead pierce the vehicle, presenting the risk of impalement to drivers and passengers alike.

Defective Products Lawyers

As with all defective products, there can be a number of liable parties when guardrails injure or kill, and identifying each liable party is essential for proper compensation. The only way to ensure you are treated fairly and not cheated out of the compensation you are due is with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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