Drinking & Driving

Driving is a task that requires a clear mind. It’s not a task one can safely perform when intoxicated. Unfortunately, thousands of people attempt to do just that every day, and these attempts often result in innocent people getting hurt.

At The Cochran Firm, our auto accident lawyers have seen the catastrophic consequences of driving while intoxicated. This is illegal in every state, but a criminal prosecution of the person who hurt you won’t help you pay your medical expenses.

A civil suit can. Our auto accident lawyers can pursue a claim on your behalf. And if you lost a loved one in an accident with an intoxicated driver, we can pursue a wrongful death claim.
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The Statistics

The numbers are staggering and tragic. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 people died every day in the United States as a result of accidents related to alcohol impairment in 2010.
The total number of Americans killed that year by impaired drivers was 10,228.

And alcohol isn’t the only substance to consider. According to the CDC, “drugs other than alcohol (e.g., marijuana and cocaine) are involved in about 18% of motor vehicle driver deaths.”


An Unacceptable Risk

All intoxicating substances affect your system differently. Some make you tired and slow your reaction times, while others have precisely the opposite effect and make you jumpy and hyper-aware.
Neither of these situations are ideal. “Downer” drugs that lessen your reaction times are dangerous because you need to be alert and ready to move quickly, but “uppers” can make you over-estimate the threat level of a given situation and overreact with unnecessary maneuvers. Both are dangerous, and the auto accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm understand this.

How Our Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you can prove that the driver involved in your accident was intoxicated at the time of the wreck, your claim for compensation will be very difficult to refute.

The Cochran Firm’s attorneys can help by:

  • Investigating your accident and proving the presence of an intoxicant
  • Crafting a compelling case on your behalf
  • Pursuing compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and funeral expenses (in wrongful death cases)

Of course, the first step for all of this is to arrange a free consultation with one of our auto accident lawyers.

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If you need a skilled auto accident lawyer experienced with intoxicated driving litigation, please contact The Cochran Firm today for a free consultation.