What is Municipal Liability Litigation?

Municipal liability litigation involves cases and claims against a state, city, town, or county. There are numerous types of municipal liability cases, and with increasing numbers of dangerous situations in our cities and counties and ignored safety precautions, municipal litigation cases are becoming more and more common. Our lives involve interaction and contact with various government agencies or entities each and every day. These agencies build and maintain our roads, create parks for our children, and provide facilities in which our kids can grow and learn. Breakdowns in these systems can cause harm, and when they harm you or a loved one, you may have a valid municipal liability case.

Municipal liability law requires a unique set of skills; not all civil attorneys are adept at handling these cases. There are attorneys at The Cochran Firm, with many offices around the country, who specialize in this type of law and can help your family if you have been harmed by a city, county, town, or state-related accident.

Car accident claims fall under municipal liability cases, and the experienced vehicle accident attorneys at The Cochran Firm with offices nationwide have handled thousands of car accident cases that resulted in personal injuries and death. In municipal liability vehicle accident cases, road construction sites that are not clearly marked, faulty roadside barriers, and other dangerous road hazards may cause accidents resulting in serious personal injury or death. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, and the town or city in which you live exhibited negligence by not providing a safe environment, then you may have a municipal liability claim on your hands. The experienced municipal liability attorneys at The Cochran Firm will listen to your case and advise of your legal rights and how to proceed.

Municipal Liability Case Example

Here is one very specific example of a vehicle accident-related municipal liability case: If your car were to collide into a protective barrier alongside a roadway and not protect you sufficiently, the municipality would be at fault, and the driver of the vehicle may be able to collect monetary compensation following this collision.

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm have handled municipal liability cases such as:

  • Roadway design and maintenance failures
  • Defective/dangerous sidewalks
  • Dangers/hazards in public parks
  • Improper operation of city vehicles and their equipment
  • Railroad incidents
  • Subway incidents
  • Bus incidents
  • Police brutality
  • Poor maintenance of public structures

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to negligence related to municipal liability law, the attorneys at The Cochran Firm can help. With offices nationwide, there is probably one near you; please contact The Cochran Firm, with offices nationwide, today so you can schedule your confidential consultation.

The attorneys with The Cochran Firm have extensive experience in trying personal injury cases in states across the country. The results obtained in numerous cases have made a significant impact on clients’ lives, communities, and industry practices. We have highlighted some of the remarkable case results on the Results & Verdicts pages of our website. The facts and circumstances of your case may be different and must be evaluated on its own merit. The case results on these pages represent the full award of the case before expenses and fees were deducted.