SUV Rollover Lawyers

As Americans continue purchasing SUVs in greater numbers, the likelihood of SUV auto accidents continues increasing. Due to their higher center of gravity and narrower track width, SUVs are more susceptible to rollover accidents than any other automobile. By their very nature, SUV rollover accidents are more dangerous than typical automobile accidents as head injuries are the most common fatal and nonfatal injury in rollovers.

The false sense of heightened security many experience when driving an SUV becomes more dangerous as vehicle operators feel secure in driving at dangerous speeds in poor weather conditions. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration only further exemplify the dangerous nature of SUV rollover accidents:

  • There are approximately 11,000 fatal rollover accidents each year
  • Rollover accidents accounted for more than half of all single-vehicle crash deaths
  • Rollover crashes increase the chance of serious injury by 36%
  • In 2006, 8,345 of the 10,142 roadway fatalities occurred in single-vehicle rollover accidents
  • Over 90% of rollover accidents involve a single vehicle


SUV Roof Safety

Even though SUVs are naturally more prone to roll than other automobiles, few are built with basic roll bars. Consequently, when SUVs flip, the roof takes the brunt of the force. Many SUVs are recalled due to their increased likelihood to roll or because their roofs fail to meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations roof safety standards for automobiles, which are tragically low to begin with.

Due to poor roof construction, when SUV rollover accidents occur, the roofs often collapse inward, causing serious harm or wrongful death to the vehicles occupants. Those lucky enough to survive a crash of this nature can suffer from lifelong injuries and disabilities, such as:

  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury, which can cause full or partial paralysis
  • Lower-cervical neck fractures
  • Back injury

How SUV Rollover Accidents Occur

The majority of SUV rollover accidents happen when the vehicle runs off the road. Poor weather conditions, such as icy or wet road, ditches, speeding, or different pavement materials can cause an SUV to fishtail. Often, the driver overcorrects their steering, the vehicle runs off the road, and possibly rolls over.

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