Seeking Medical Attention

In the immediate aftermath of your accident, you might not feel much pain. There's an even better chance you won't see anything wrong with yourself. And considering the hassles of hospitals and doctors' offices, it's easy to decide that you don't need to see a medical professional.

This is a mistake, however understandable it might be. It's crucial that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident; not just to help The Cochran Firm's personal injury lawyers should you decide to file a claim, but to protect your health and well-being.

Your health is the most important thing in your world. You have to take steps to safeguard it. And those steps include allowing a medical professional to thoroughly examine you after an accident.

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What To Do After Your Accident

First, you should always contact the authorities after a car accident. If nothing else you'll want a police report for your insurance claim.

Ambulances are frequently called to the scenes of accidents. If one responds to your accident, allow the medical personnel to examine you. They're professionals, and they'll likely have experience with accidents, so they'll know what to look for.

If the EMTs give you a clean bill of health, it's still a good idea to arrange a check-up with your doctor in the near future. He or she will have equipment and capabilities the EMTs do not.

On the other hand, if the EMTs tell you that you're hurt and should go to the hospital, listen to them and do what they say. Allow them to transport you to the hospital and undergo all the tests and examinations the personnel there say you need.

If an ambulance wasn't called, take it on yourself to get medical attention. If you have a doctor, try and see him immediately. If you don't, go to the hospital and make your situation clear.

Finally, you should get copies of any medical reports generated during your treatment.

Subtle, Hard-to-Detect Injuries

Many common car accident injuries take a while to show up, and when they do it's easy to confuse their symptoms with other, less serious conditions. This can lead you to dismiss the importance of the injury you're suffering, and that can have dangerous long-term consequences.

Some common injuries that can take a long time to manifest include:

By seeking medical attention as soon as possible, you allow doctors to detect the hard-to-see signs of these and other injuries. This allows them to provide treatment and alleviate your pain.

It also gives your personal injury lawyer a firm foundation if you decide to move forward with a legal claim. Being able to demonstrate the long-standing, serious nature of your injuries will make it easier to put forward a claim for damages.

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