Back Injury Lawyers

Back injuries are some of the most frequent personal injury cases that stem from a variety of different accidents ranging from car accidents to slip-and-fall accidents. Injuries relating to the back can be as minor as a strain or sprain to as serious as a spinal cord injury or paralysis, needing care from a specialized physician. Oftentimes these back injuries end up taking away the ability to participate in everyday activities, such as work, resulting in the loss of a steady income. At The Cochran Firm, our experienced lawyers are here to help take the stress off of you and take the lead on your personal injury case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Types of Back Injuries

There are many types of back injuries that can occur; however, one of the most frequent back injuries treated by spine physicians is “low back pain” or “LBP.” This injury is so common that four out of five adults will experience LBP in their lifetime. There are a number of factors that can lead to low back pain, including but not limited to:

  • Low back strain or sprain - occurs when back muscles become overworked/stretched due to unexpected, vigorous movements that make the back become stiff or weak.
  • Fractures - occurs when vertebrae are crushed or compressed due to an accident or high fall. Vertebrae can also become chipped or nicked by vigorous injuries.
  • Protruding disc - the backs’ discs are made up of two parts: the nucleus and annulus. The annulus protects the nucleus so when an injury tears through the annulus it protrudes the nucleus causing impingement on the spinal cord causing severe pain down into the legs.
  • Surgical Errors - occurs when the surgeon performing surgery inserts hardware incorrectly, accidentally cuts the spinal cord, or simply fails to perform the operation or postoperative care correctly

Compensation for back injuries can be based on two different factors of the claimant, economic and non-economic losses. Economic losses are the definite out-of-pocket loss due to the injury and can include: past and future medical bills or lost income and reduced earning capacity. 

  • Past and future medical bills: compensation depends on how severe the injury is, whether or not the injury will result in MRIs or other imaging exams, surgery, physical therapy, and the cost of all future medical care (if it is lifelong or temporary). 
  • Lost income and reduced earning capacity: compensation depends on how much income you have literally lost and expect to lose during the injury. This is usually decided based on past W-2s, the examination of pay stubs, any invoices, and any other financial evidence regarding the amount of work missed due to the injury.

Non-economic losses are based on pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of partnership. These losses become complex when awarding to a claimant because they are not easy to capture with a dollar amount.

When it comes to managing your case, our experienced attorneys have learned how to put together compelling litigation for our clients throughout our years practicing personal injury law. We understand what laws apply to different states and we know what works with the jury. The Cochran Firm has passionate, skilled litigators waiting to help you win your case today. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact The Cochran Firm today.