Were You Abused as a Boy Scout?

On February 17, 2020 the Boy Scouts of America (‘BSA”) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the face of mounting allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated againt innocent Boy Scout members by Scoutmasters, Scout leaders and/or othe BSA-addiliated personnel. Survivors of sexual abuse are permitted to file a claim regardless of the date of the abuse, as accounts of misconduct span decades. If you were a victim of sexual abuse, regardless of how long ago, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement.

The court has ordered that all claims must be filed by November 16, 2020. After this date, survivors will be unable to seek recovery against the BSA for the suffering they have endured.

File your claim today, and hold The Boy Scouts of America Responsible before it’s too late!
*Your identity and information will be kept confidential from the general public.