Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, refers to a blow or jolt to the brain that disrupts its normal function. These injuries can range from minor, like a concussion, to severe. According to The Center for Disease Control, each year about 1.7 billion traumatic injuries occur. Of these injuries, about 50,000 of them result in death. Even if a traumatic brain injury isn’t fatal, it can lead to impaired memory, damaged vision, personality changes, and many more devastating effects.

And while the injury may occur in a split second, the damage can last a lifetime. There is no cure for a traumatic brain injury, so prevention is key. In order to stay safe and remain vigilant, here’s a list of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

The Most Common Causes of TBI

  1. Falls - A vast majority of traumatic brain injuries are caused by falls, especially in children and older adults. For adults over 65, falling accounts for 60% of TBI’s. A slip and fall in the bathroom or falling out of the bed can be much more dangerous than you think.
  2. Vehicle Collisions - Whiplash from a car, motorcycle, or bus accidents can be very severe. Vehicle accidents are the number one cause for TBI related hospital stays, and TBI related deaths.
  3. Violence - Child abuse, domestic violence, and gunshot wounds account for nearly 20 percent of traumatic brain injuries. For example, shaken baby syndrome is one of the most recognizable causes of TBI in infants.
  4. Sports Injury - When you think of TBI, your mind might first go to dangerous sports, such as boxing, football, and hockey. While these injuries are the most high-profile TBI’s, they only account for about 5 percent of reported brain injuries. Remember to always wear a helmet.

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