Personal injury cases are lawsuits that cover all physical, financial, and emotional injuries caused by another person or party's negligence. No two personal injury cases are the same. However, there are common terms each individual will hear during a case.

If you’re involved in a personal injury case, you might encounter the following terms:

Affidavit: A formal written statement declared under oath.

Ad Litem: A guardian that is appointed by the court to stand in on another’s behalf. For example, if someone is a legally incompetent adult or a child they would have a competent guardian represent them.

Compensation: Something that makes up for a loss such as a payment to an injured worker.
Defendant: This refers to the party that a lawsuit has been brought against (by the plaintiff).

Deposition: Oral testimony that is taken under oath in which one party presents questions to the other party or relevant witnesses.

Discovery: Facts and information that is found during the investigation and used to build a case.

Gross Negligence: Intentional failure to perform a standard of duty by recklessly disregarding another person.

Liability: An obligation in which you are bound by the law.

Litigation: The process of taking legal action and/or filing a lawsuit.

Negligence: Is referred to as carelessness. For example, if the standard of care fails then negligence is present.

Plaintiff: This refers to the party that initiates a lawsuit against the defendant.

Premises Liability: The legal responsibility to provide compensation to the person who sustained injuries while they were on the property.

Statute of Limitations: This refers to the time period during which you must file a lawsuit. Once the time period expires you are no longer able to bring your case to court or receive any compensation.

Tort: Negligent or wrongful conduct committed against a person or property for which an action of damages might be brought.

Verdict: A judge or jury's decision on a case.

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