Criminal Defense Courts

Our criminal lawyers know that for many of our defendants, a courtroom is an intimidating environment. This is partly because it's such an unfamiliar environment and partly because your freedom is at stake when you set foot in one.

At The Cochran Firm, we are committed to de-mystifying the criminal case process so that you know what to expect.

This means preparing you for court. But it also means explaining what, exactly, the legal system is and how it operates. It means helping you understand how to behave while in court so that you have the best possible chance of success.

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"A Miniature Kingdom"
The most important thing to understand about a courtroom is that while it is an indispensable element of a democratic society, it is not itself a democracy. A courtroom is, instead, a miniature kingdom, and the judge is the monarch.

A jury, and not the judge, will decide the defendant's fate in most criminal cases. However, judges completely control the operations of the courtroom. It's possible for a judge to abuse his power and be punished for it, but that is rare and requires flagrant abuse of authority.

A judge can dictate:

  • The tone of proceedings
  • A courtroom's dress code
  • Whether an objection is sustained of overruled
  • Sentencing (in most cases)

Finally, juries often take sub-conscious cues from a judge. Our criminal lawyers understand that a judge who is hostile to your case can make your case extraordinarily difficult. Our attorneys are experienced with the reality of courtroom etiquette and can prepare you for the environment.

Structures and Institutions
A criminal trial is a very structured event. Despite what everyone has seen on televised courtroom dramas, there are very few surprises in the middle of a trial. All witnesses and pieces of evidence must be disclosed, and there are strict rules regulating the introduction of witnesses.

As such, a trial is mostly about preparation and execution. Having a criminal lawyer with experience in front of a judge and jury is crucial, because running afoul of a procedure or rule is an excellent way of alienating everyone in a courtroom and sabotaging your case.

You can trust in our criminal lawyers' experience.

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