DUI Charges

If you’re facing a drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI) charge, you don’t need to be told that these are serious charges. Every year thousands of Americans are killed in accidents caused by drunk drivers, and prosecutors are committed to vigorously pursuing cases against those they catch, especially when the defendants lack the resources to mount a defense on their own behalf.

At The Cochran Firm, our criminal lawyers understand the seriousness of drunken driving charges. We also understand what these cases entail and how prosecutors make their cases.

Our criminal lawyers can’t guarantee you a certain result; that would be unethical. But we do know that when you’re facing drunk driving charges, you need an attorney who is experienced and passionate. And that’s what our firm offers.

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The Evidence Against You

Every criminal case is unique, and drug-related charges can take a number of different forms. However, when it comes to drunk driving cases, our criminal lawyers usually see the evidence taking a number of broadly similar forms.

These include:

  • If police responded to an actual accident, prosecutors will often use accident re-constructions to try and prove that you were intoxicated at the time of the wreck
  • Prosecutors will often call police officers to testify that you were driving “erratically,” or in a manner consistent with drunk driving patterns
  • Breathalyzers, which are usually administered at the time of the traffic stop, are key pieces of evidence for prosecutors
  • Police will perform field sobriety tests in order to determine if you are intoxicated
  • Finally, blood tests will often be performed at the police station in order to determine your blood-alcohol content (BAC)

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

These tests and methods have flaws, but juries often find them compelling. Our criminal lawyers have experience pointing out the holes in the prosecution’s case in a way that speaks to jurors.

The Consequences

Sentencing guidelines for drunk driving convictions vary by state, and our criminal lawyers will make sure to fully explain the relevant statutes to you in person. However, DUI convictions can lead to:

  • A loss of your driver’s license
  • Massive fines
  • The placement of an alcohol-sensing ignition device in your case
  • Significant jail time

When facing possibilities such as these, the importance of sound legal representation is clear. The criminal lawyers at The Cochran Firm will provide you with the experienced, competent defense you are entitled to under the Constitution.

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