Field Testing for Drugs

On-site field testing of suspected drugs is one of the many methods law enforcement may use to make drug-related crime arrests. These chemical tests are used to identify controlled substances when questions regarding their makeup occur. Not all law enforcement agencies use these tests, but those that do often base entire cases on their results.

The problems is: the results of field testing for illicit substances are frequently wrong.

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Unreliable Results

A number of studies have found large discrepancies between the results obtained through field testing and those obtained through forensic testing at authorized testing facilities. In fact, results from a two-year study reported by the National Press Club of Washington, DC found that as many as 70 percent of field tests for narcotics rendered false-positives. Tragically, these false-positives were the basis for numerous criminal charges and, ultimately, convictions.

Faulty forensic evidence being used against suspects is at once outrageous and unsurprising. It is also one of the many reasons you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side immediately following arrest for possession, trafficking, or any other drug-related crime.

We Fight for Your Rights

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